Types and functions of glass sand edge grinding machine

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Glass edge grinding machine is the necessary glass mechanical equipment for glass processing enterprises. At present, China's production of edge grinding machine has a high, medium, low - grade, a variety of. What type of glass edge grinding machine and its function? The following small series will introduce to you.

1. Glass unilateral machine mainly deals with one side of glass, which can grind straight edge, multi-edge, round edge, duck mouth, etc. According to the type of profile, there are three types: glass straight edge machine, glass multilateral edge grinder and glass round edge machine.

2. Glass straight edge machine has 4 grinding heads, 8 grinding heads, 9 grinding heads, 10 grinding heads, 11 grinding heads and 12 grinding heads. Grinding head is mainly used in the field of window glass. It is only suitable for rough-cut glass edges to meet the requirements of clean and uncut hands. 8 grinding head is mainly used in the field of building glass, suitable for enterprises that do not need to polish the brightness of glass edges; 9 grinding head is based on 8 grinding head, add fine polishing head, apply to polished glass edge company 10 grinding head is based on 9 grinding head and add a fine polishing wheel. It is suitable for furniture glass enterprises with higher requirement for glass edge brightness. The grinding head is based on the function of the 9 grinding head. Two front chamfering grinding heads, can achieve 45 degree grinding function, with polishing function, suitable for grinding straight edges, grinding 45 degree enterprises; The 12 grinding heads are based on 11 grinding heads. Chamfering head can make the polishing more bright when grinding at 45 degrees, which is suitable for enterprises with higher requirements for polishing the edge of 45 degrees.

3, multistage glass edge grinding machine multistage edge grinding machine needs to swing Angle, so there are 3 grinding heads and 5 grinding heads for the pendulum beam grinding head. There are 9 grinding heads and 11 grinding heads. Among them, only 9 grinding heads are swing grinding heads. Three points and five points. The three-stage multi-stage machine with three swinging grinding heads can be made into straight side, 45 degree side, polished and polished. If you use multiple edges, the polishing effect is not ideal, but when grinding 45 degrees, there is a bottom edge, once molding; 5 multi - stage side machine with swing grinding head can make straight side, 45 - degree side, multi - stage side, polishing. When making multiple edges, it is polished and bright, but when grinding 45 degrees, there is no bottom edge, and when you need to make 45 degrees with the bottom edge, you need to work with the straight edge again. The grinding head is based on 9 multi-stage side machines, with 5 swinging grinding heads. Add two bottom grinding heads so that when grinding 45 degrees, the bottom edge exists and is formed once.

4. Glass edging machine has 6 grinding heads, 7 grinding heads and 8 grinding heads. The grinding head can be round, duck-billed, etc., that is, roughing and polishing glass edges with an irregular grinding wheel. 7 grinding head based on 6 grinding heads, added a front chamfering head, used for grinding glass chamfering. 8 grinding head based on 7 grinding head and add back chamfering so that two chamfering on the edge of the glass can be grinding at the same time.

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