Glass edge polishing abrasive selection

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According to the type of glass edge grinding machine, the requirements of processing methods to choose glass edge grinding tools. Small make up for us to summarize several kinds of glass edge mill common types, as follows.

1. Linear edge grinding machine generally adopts 10S series or 9R series polishing tools. The 10S series polishing tools have better elasticity and polishing performance than the 9R series polishing tools. There are two kinds of 10S series polishing tools and 9R series polishing tools. One is the bottom edge polishing wheel for polishing the bottom edge of glass, and the other is the chamfering polishing wheel for polishing the bottom edge of glass. The hardness of 9R series polishing abrasives is higher than that of 10S series abrasives. Cerium oxide polishing tools are often used for furniture glass and process glass, which require high brightness.

2. Straight bevel machine generally adopts 10S series polishing tools and felt polishing tools. The specifications of the commonly used 10S series polishing tools are the specifications of the bottom wheel, as shown in table 1. Felt polishing tools should be used with cerium oxide polishing powder.

3. Single-arm special-shaped edge-grinding machine is used for polishing the straight edge, round edge, duck mouth, wave edge, etc., generally using BD series polishing tools and BK series polishing tools. Their general specifications are shown in table 3. Generally according to the thickness of polished glass to choose the appropriate polishing tool thickness. 10S series polishing tools and felt polishing tools are generally used for the irregular bevel edge of polished glass. Felt polishing tools should also be used with cerium oxide polishing powder. They are selected in the same way as the ramp.

4. BK series polishing tools and BD series polishing tools are generally used for linear edging machine.

5. Glass carving machines usually use special polishing tools for glass carving. According to the type of machine, the specification can be divided into two categories.

6. Other edge grinders and special edge grinders in addition to the glass edge grinders mentioned above, there are also some edge grinders with simple structure and single purpose, such as chamfering machine, small chip machine, portable edge grinders, etc. In addition, there are some special edge grinding machines, if the two - sided linear grinder, wash - basin edge grinder. Edge grinding machine, etc. The types of polishing tools they use are generally similar to those used by the edge-grinding machine, but with different specifications. In the selection, the corresponding polishing tool and size should be selected according to the shape, characteristics, brightness and type of edge grinding machine of the glass to be processed.

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